Image Credit Abbreviations


AO Archives of Ontario
CIN Canadian Illustrated News
CNRA CNR Archives
CPA  or CPRA Canadian Pacific Railway Archives
CSTM or CMST Canadian Museum of Science and Technology
ECA Elgin County Archives
FOFS Friends of the Freeman Station
HPL Hamilton Public Library
HS historical society
ILN Illustrated London News
LAC Library Archives Canada
LCGS Lanark county Genealogical Society
MSTC Museum of Science & Technology Canada, see also CSTM/CMST
MTLB Metro Toronto Library Board
NAC National Archives of Canada (now Library and Archives of Canada)
NFPL Niagara Falls Public Library
O&DHS Omemeee & District Historical Society
PKHM Polish Kashub  Heritage Museum
PL public library
PMA Peel (Region) Museum & Archives
PRM Palmerston Railway Museum
RHS Ramara Historical Society
SFM South Frontenac Museum
TCA Toronto City Archives
TPL Toronto Public Library
TRHA Toronto Railway Historical Association
WCMA Wellington County Museum & Archives
WHS Weston Historical Society
WI Women's Institute
WTJHS West Toronto Junction Historical Society


AA Aaron Alice
AC Alison Cooper
AH Al Howlett
AHC Al Howlett Collection
AJ Andrew Jeanes
ALP  Andrea Percy
AMC Andrew Merrilees Collection
AMattC  Aubrey Mattingly Collection
AP Al Paterson
APC Al Paterson Collection (please credit CRHA Archives, Fonds Paterson)
AWM A W Mooney 

BB Brian Barker
BDC Bob Dickson Collection
BFC Bruce Franklin Collection
BG Bill Grandin
BGls Bruce Giles
BH Basil Headford
BL Bill Linley
BLC Bud Laws Collection
BM Bruce Mercer
BMcCI Barry McClelland
BnW Brian Westhouse
BnWC Brian Westhouse Collection
BrM Brian Martin
BR Brian roth
BS Bob Shaw
ByW Barry Westhouse

CC Charles Cooper
CHH Charlie Heels
CJ Charles Joyce
CJH C J Hall 
C-R Canada Rail
Coll Collection
CS Charles Stewart
CW Chip Walker

DB Dougie Bee
DC Dennis Cardy
DCC Doug Creek Collection
DG Don Grove
DGe Dick George
DGn David Gibson
DH Doug Hately
DMcF Doug McFadgen
DMcQC Don McQueen Collection
DN Dan Nolan
DO Doug Osborne
DP Daniel Palmer
DR Don Ritchie
DS  Dave Spaulding
DSC Dave Shaw Collection
DSp Dave Spiegelman
DT  Dennis Taylor
DvG David Gibson
DW Doug Wodhams
DWC Dale Wilson Collection
DWhd David Woodhead
DWhr Dan Wheeler
DWwD David Woodward

EB Eugene Burles
EE  Edward Emery
EH Ed Helmich

FJP F J Petrie  

GH  George Horner
GL Gerald Little
GMC Gary Mauthe Collection 
GR George Roth

HB  Hubert Brooks
HC  Harold Culham
HJ Hugh Jordan
HL H Lazier
HS Harvey Strath
HWC Hilliard Williamson Collection

IW  Ian Wilson 

JAB Jim Brown
JB  Julian Bernard
JBd John Boyd
JF  John Freyseng
JDK John Knowles
JDT John D. Thompson
JFC Jordan Friedrich Collection
JH Joseph Heckman
JHV John Vincent
JK John Krause
JKs John Kanakos
JNS James N. Stanley
JP Jim Parker
JR  John Riddell
JRC John Riddell Collection
JRL John R. Lee
JS Jim Shaughnessy
JSC John Spring Collection
JVe Jonathan Vance
JVS J V Salmon Collection
JWB John Wilfrid Boake

KC Keith Cooper
KHC Keith Hopkin Collection
KSC (Keith) Sirman Collection 

LA Len Appleyard
LB  Lloyd Baxter
LM Larry Murphy

MB Michael brunet
MMcK Matt McKeoughan
MPM Michael P McIlwaine

nd no date 

PBC Peter Bowers Collection
PC Peter Coates
PL Paul Langan
pnk photographer not known
PR Peter Reisiger

RBr Rob Barr
RBC Ralph Beaumont Collection
RC Ray Corley
RGC Ross Gray Collection
RHB Ralph Beaumont
RJS Bob Sandusky
RKC Raymond Kennedy Collection
RnB Ron Bouwhis
RR Ross Robertson Collection
RTC Ross Taylor Collection 
RW Robert Wanner

SHC Steve Headford Collection
SL Steve Lucas
SM Stephen Manders
SMC Sean Murphy Collection
SWC Steve Woolfrey Collection

TB Tony Bock
TBC Tony Bock Collection
TEC Ted Ellis Collection
TW Ted Wickson 

VA Veronica Arnold

WDT Bill Thompson
WF William Forder
WH William Hood
WL Wayne Lamb
WLC Wayne Lamb Collection
WMcI W McIntyre
WMW W MacLaren Wilson


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